Cladding Replacement

Cladding Replacement Specialists

Pressure has been mounting for Governmental bodies to demand the immediate removal of combustible cladding. MAZ Group can help companies get ahead of the rush. We offer qualified cladding replacement and removal of combustible cladding Melbourne wide for commercial premises. Our team is experienced in the removal process and can recommend suitable alternative materials. We’ll be your cladding specialists for your project which means you can expect efficient and quality service.


Dangers Of Combustible Cladding

Combustible cladding Melbourne has been proven to be a key factor in the rate and spread of flames that have contributed to the destruction of many multi-storey buildings. Such recent high-profile fires include the Lacrosse in Melbourne and Grenfell Tower in London. Not only is combustible cladding more likely to spread flame quickly across large distances, but it also begins to warp and catch fire at a lower temperature than other types of cladding. It’s because of this that some jurisdictions have banned the use of it in future builds and are even calling for its removal from older buildings. While the presence of such cladding doesn’t necessarily indicate a fire hazard, the cladding is often used in certain areas that may not be identified. These can include around windows, on balconies, and as ornamental features.


Is Your Cladding Compliant?

As a building owner or manager, it’s your responsibility to ensure the safety of the cladding used. Due to a state-wide cladding audit in Victoria and recent publicity of related insurance claims, many builders are opting to swap their cladding. Our mission is to ensure that your business is affected as little as possible by these developments. By scheduling cladding removal, you’re taking a step towards compliance as well as avoiding possible insurance disputes and fines. As experts in the municipal guidelines surrounding cladding and the misuse of combustible cladding, the Maz Group team can help you ensure that your building falls within local building regulations. Our combustible cladding replacement service will identify materials such as Aluminium Composite Panels (ACP) and schedule removal to ensure your building isn’t being put at risk by non-compliant materials.


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Maz Group offers specialised combustible cladding replacement services to commercial building owners. We’re experts in our field and can guarantee an experienced team of workers and efficient project management. Although some combustible cladding can be difficult to identify if it is hidden below rendering or other materials, our team of experts will be able to help you assess all areas of your building to provide you with peace of mind. If you’re looking for removal services for combustible cladding in Melbourne, contact us at Maz Group today to discuss our services and availability.