COVID-19 restrictions in Australia have presented the commercial construction industry with unique challenges to operations. The sector has adapted and evolved and must continue to do so in 2022 to address emerging priorities including delivering increasingly complex builds as well as maintaining a safe workplace culture and adopting a progressive approach to sustainability.

As the leading construction company Melbourne wide, the team at Maz Group is committed to ensuring we continually adapt our practices to address these emerging priorities.

Digital innovation

Across many industries, the pandemic accelerated the adoption of innovation, heralding in ‘the remote era’. Enabling remote working became essential, which required digital innovation and solutions. The construction industry must continue to adapt in order to refine more efficient processes.

Emerging technologies which enable teams to create projects in a digital environment will become increasingly popular and heavily relied on. Such technologies enable teams to meticulously plan each stage of a build, forecasting where clashes between trades may occur and allowing for more effective site coordination.

New technologies are allowing sites to be monitored remotely in real time, which can improve productivity and the quality of the build itself as well as identifying any potential safety hazards. These technologies allow for issues to be rectified before they impact timings, delay projects or increase material usage.

Supporting workplace safety and culture

Digital innovation presents an opportunity to improve site safety and boost team morale which in turn increases productivity. At Maz Group, we value our people and we see emerging technologies as a way to support them. Building revolves around teamwork and skill shortages across the sector due to prolonged domestic and international border closures have highlighted an immediate need to train and strengthen professionals in the industry.

Reducing climate impact

The construction industry contributes over 18 per cent of Australia’s carbon footprint, meaning a progressive approach to sustainability must become standard practice across the sector. Organisations can look to greener materials as well as digital innovation to reduce wastage.

At Maz Group, we already work closely with our clients and stakeholders to look at ways we can reduce our climate impact on every project. For example, on our recent Perimeter Fence Project at Melbourne Airport, environmental management was a key component and included PFAS handling, relocation and management. Consideration for protected flora and fauna was addressed through meticulous planning, enabling us to deliver more sustainable project outcomes.

Maz Group – the premier commercial builders Melbourne wide

At Maz Group, digital innovation, establishing a safe workplace culture and operating in a sustainable manner are key priorities for us in 2022 and beyond to ensure we are building a better future for generations to come.

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