Building Cladding Logistics

The logistics arm of our business ensures that all client projects run smoothly and on schedule. In order to accomplish this, we’ve taken delivery and machine ownership into our own hands. We consider our logistics services to be an essential part of our building cladding offering. This piece allows us to quote timelines with a detailed level of accuracy and achieve deadlines that many other building rectification companies can’t.

While our team oversees the logistic elements of your cladding rectification, we’ll leave you with extra time to run your own business as well as the peace of mind that everything is being taken care of. Maz Group takes on the stressful parts of the project to ensure our client’s continued success and provide an inclusive service offering that includes the added benefit of not coordinating multiple subcontractors.

Detailed Assistance

When you work with Maz Group for your building cladding needs, we ensure that every detail is taken care of. From the on-site machinery to the material fabrication to the delivery and installation, we do it all. Our goal is to provide maximum flexibility, maximum response and maximum output for every project.

Our Process


Maz Group operates building cladding deliveries with our own fleet. Since we fabricate our own materials, we’re able to time our deliveries with the finishing of products for our projects. We own our own extensive fleet of trucks, specialist vehicles, trailers and vans so that we’re able to customise the delivery needs of each project. We eliminate the need to outsource expensive and often delayed outside sources of transportation to ensure that projects run smoothly and on time. We have Australia wide delivery capabilities.

EWP Fleet

We have our own fleet of Elevated Work Platforms. This includes machinery needed to reach vast heights on multi-storey buildings such as booms, scissor lifts, and access systems. These pieces of machinery help us to support our projects. Unlike other building cladding providers, we don’t need to rent these machines from external sources, meaning our timelines won’t shift based on these machines’ availability. We’re in control of every project, and when we need the machines on-site, we already know they’re available.

Complete Coordination

Our team at Maz Group will be available every step of the way to ensure that your project goes according to plan. Whether it’s transporting products across the country or ensuring machinery is waiting on-site for installation, we have you covered. Our delivery network has 24-hour service available to eliminate delays experienced with other transport types. We’re logistics specialists, and having coordinated multiple cladding rectifications previously, we understand exactly what is needed for each project and when.

Next Steps

If you’re ready to begin the process of combustible cladding rectification and logistic coordination, get in touch with the expert team at Maz Group today. We’d be happy to discuss your specific building’s features and the value we can bring to the project.