Melbourne Airport Perimeter Fence Project


Client Melbourne Airport
Value $9m
Location Melbourne Airport

Melbourne Airport Perimeter Fence Project

Asia Pacific Airports Melbourne (APAM) operates and maintains a perimeter fence line around the Melbourne Airport airfield. Subject to federal regulatory requirements, it is a critical asset required to ensure safe and secure 24 hour operation of the airfield at Melbourne Airport.

The Perimeter Fence Project involved the design and construction of approximately 7km of existing fence with a fence with a higher level of security and added vehicle impact mitigation measures in designated high-risk areas. This involved:

  • Installation of temporary fencing compliant to Melbourne Airport operations security standards;
  • demolition of existing fencing;
  • Environmental Management, including PFAS handling, relocation and management;
  • Installation of new footing system, galvanised 3 metre-high perimeter fencing including 358 mesh, razor wire, crash gates, maintenance gates and drainage solutions to meet new standards.
  • Installation of Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) along sections of the fence alignment.

The Challenge

There were a number of factors to be considered throughout the undertaking of this project, including environmental management (protected flora and fauna and heritage considerations), maintaining security in a live working environment and PFAS management.

Our Solution

To mitigate the risk of disturbing existing services and allow the continual delivery of this project in conjunction with other Melbourne Airport projects, MAZ Group:

  • Re-engineered the footing design
  • Adjusted the construction methodology
  • Developed a solution to facilitate Melbourne Airport’s financial approach to project funding
  • Collaborated with Hanson to streamline concrete deliveries
  • Pre-installed razor wire within MAZ workshop
  • Conducted works in a purpose-built mobile site office and ensured amenities for use in greenfield areas of the project
  • Carried out hot works within workshop precinct


Our Key Outcomes

The key outcomes achieved by MAZ Group throughout this project were de-risking the impact on airport operations through value management and redesign; improved productivity driving higher levels of quality; and mitigating risks through meticulous planning.

Key People and Stakeholders:

Key People Key Stakeholders
Martin Craggill
Graham Oswin
Tom Sandow
Alan Wilson
Tein Ouk
Frank Formosa
Fulton Hogan

Next Steps

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