Commercial construction covers a broad sector of the construction industry encompassing a multitude of projects undertaken by the private sector. Some common commercial construction projects include retail facilities, medical facilities and office buildings.

Depending on the scale of your commercial construction project, it will fall into one of three categories: small-scale, medium-scale or large-scale. Smaller projects include office space redesigns and structure updates. Building restructure, expansions and remodels are examples of medium-scale commercial construction projects, while large-scale projects cover those that start from the ground up, where essentially there is no already-built structure to work with.

Checking all the boxes during the pre-construction phase

While certain aspects of various commercial construction projects will differ, every project has a series of steps that are essential to achieve good outcomes. At Maz Group, we place great emphasis on the pre-construction phase which makes for a smooth working relationship with our clients.

Our team is equipped with extensive experience in the design portion of the pre-construction phase, which enables us to work collaboratively with our clients to bring your vision to life. Flexibility during this phase is essential as often original blueprints are tweaked in some manner and making changes down the track can prove a costly endeavour.

Checking all the boxes during the design phase involves having an awareness of the exact legal concerns or site-specific matters that need to be addressed. Ensuring this is covered avoids any potential disruptions once construction commences as a shut down on site can be extremely costly and frustrating for everyone involved.

The benefits of a turnkey commercial construction company Melbourne

Of course, there are times when unforeseen issues develop during some construction projects, which is one of the major benefits of engaging a turnkey commercial construction company, like Maz Group. Commercial construction projects can be inherently complicated due to the various aspects involved. Given all the moving parts, having one point of communication helps you to get a sense of the current situation, allowing you peace of mind throughout the duration of your project. With strong coordination and communication processes in place, Maz Group ensures quality control with proper supervision of all sub-contractors involved in any given project.

As industry leading commercial builders in Melbourne, the team at Maz Group is committed to delivering your vision and exceeding expectations, on any sized project you are undertaking. Our team is made up of highly trained, qualified and experienced team of commercial builders who share a commitment to collaboration, continuous improvement and certainty of delivery. We are known for delivering our commercial construction projects efficiently with a team that has a keen eye for detail to ensure the best outcomes.

The first choice for your next project

Providing commercial construction services that are renowned in Melbourne, we have worked with a range of top companies over the years. Our large portfolio of work includes the various office fitouts for Jetstar, Virgin and Tiger Air, Melbourne Airport perimeter fencing project, amenities upgrades at Melbourne Airport and many more.

With an established reputation as the leading commercial construction company Melbourne wide, Maz Group has extensive experience in turnkey commercial construction projects. If you are looking for a reliable and cost-effective commercial construction partner, get in touch with us to discuss your project requirements today.